Kids value humour and kindness, finds Cartoon Network survey

A new study to mark the return of the Cartoon Network Imagination Studios competition has revealed that kids value humour and kindness above all else.

The findings also revealed that 63 per cent of kids prefer to draw over write, with the majority starting with how their character would look.

66 per cent of kids cited that when designing their own character they would opt for it to be kind over popular, while 53 per cent chose clever over cool and 63 per cent went for funny over friendly.

Humour also proved to be popular with children taking part in the survey, with kids stating humour was most important for their character.

Dr Sam Wass, expert child psychologist and academic at the University of East London and the University of Cambridge, said: "This research shows that, in an era of ever increasing sophistication and complication, kids still value the simple things in life like kindness and humour.

“Even with developments in technology and the evolution of cartoons, they have retained the simplicity and relatability that kids and their parents love.

“This new opportunity for children to engage in their own creative play, by creating drawings of their own family, or of real-life situations that they have encountered, is a wonderful way to encourage children to draw links between the imaginary and the real world.”

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