Krispy Kreme partners with the do-good brand Rastaclat to target Filipino market

Krispy Kreme has partnered with the positivity promoting, do-good brand, Rastaclat as part of its new Every One campaign to inspire friendship and community through its bracelets.

The collaboration sees the launch of a raft of Krispy Kreme themed Rastaclat bracelets in a campaign that will look to promote camaraderie, passion and friendship within the Filipino community.

The Rastaclat x Krispy Kreme collaboration will only be available in the Philippines.

“We are excited and proud to partner with Krispy Kreme and the local Quezon City community through this collaboration,” said Daniel Kasidi, founder of Rastaclat. “The ideology of seeking the positive truly spans globally, and it is amazing to the Filipino community embrace the true meaning of individuality, community and compassion towards one another.”

The new Rastaclat design takes inspiration from the recognisable Krispy Kreme box design.

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