Lawless Entertainment appointed worldwide Bug Rangers representatives

Lawless Entertainment has been appointed worldwide representatives for television, licensing and merchandising for Bug Rangers, a property targeted to children ages four to nine.

Bug Rangers is about a group of best friends named, Squiggz, Cosmo and Flutter, who are ‘buggin’ around learning about ‘friendship and trust, honor and family, about loss, forgiveness, about repentance, and love.

Originally released as a popular CGI animated direct-to-DVD series to faith-based markets, the newly remastered 35 to 42 minute Bug Rangers DVDs are being made available as part of a worldwide launch next year to retailers and broadcasters.

Bug Rangers has received the national Dove Foundation award for excellence and an additional 26 episodes are in development for worldwide distribution in 2014.

“Lawless Entertainment is thrilled to further introduce these adorable characters of Bug Rangers to the world,” said Cathy Malatesta, president of Lawless Entertainment.

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