License This! 2018 winner Oddcats to make BLE debut at 2019 show

Brand Licensing Europe’s License This! 2018 competition winner, Oddcats is readying to make its show floor debut at this year’s big London licensing event, taking its first stand at BLE 2019.
Oddcats is a pre-school brand created by Zara Picken and features a cast of cute, colourful, and quirky cat characters. The Oddcats hail from a land known fittingly as Oddlandia within which they are always on the prowl for adventure and exploration.
With a stitch-style design, Picken believes that Oddcats is a brand particularly well-suited for the books, apps, toys, clothing, and stationery categories.
Coinciding with the announcement, Oddcats has also launched a revamped website at, where imagery and a range of concepts ready for licensing can be found.
Zara Picken, brand owner, Oddcats, said: “I am really excited that I will be able to attend BLE. It is going to be great to officially launch the Oddcats brand in October. My hope is that BLE enables me to meet people with the same enthusiasm and belief in the brand who can help bring the characters and their world to a wider audience.”
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