Licensing trio to run six marathons for the Light Fund

Jason Easy (BBC), Katie Ball (BBC) and Ben Lowe (Roy Lowe & Sons) have challenged themselves to each complete six marathon distances in six consecutive days, all in the name of charitable body, the Light Fund.

Starting April 18th, the trio will run five marathons along the Grand Union Canal, which stretches from Birmingham to London, followed by the London Marathon. Each of the team will have ran a total of 157.2 miles, over 470 miles completed as a team.

“The Light Fund hit the magical £1m mark last year, which was a fantastic milestone," said Lowe.

“We are hoping to carry that momentum forward in raising as much money as we can for what I am now beginning to think is a ridiculous idea taken too far to be able to back out.

“We have had some great support through sponsorship already, and it is also a great opportunity to put our SockMine running socks to the ultimate test. So far, no blisters.”

The trio are inviting people from the industry to run with them for any part of the first five days; the more you run, the less you have to donate.

To keep up with the latest on their training, check out Lowe’s blog here. To make a donation, visit the team’s fundraising page.

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