All Go for Gogo?s

Bulldog Licensing announces three more licensees for Gogo?s Crazy Bones.
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Roy Lowe and Sons have come on board for socks, while calendars will be supplied by Infocado.

In addition, Poetic Gem is set to produce a full range of apparel. The Indian-owned company has a worldwide presence and supplies clothing to both the US and European High Streets.

Poetic Gem’s head of licensing, Elliott Matthews said: ‘We are immensely excited to be producing apparel for Gogo’s Crazy Bones and are looking forward to presenting this exceptional brand to major high street retailers.’

The new licences will join deals already in place with Halsall for wheeled toys, Portico for greetings cards and Pyramid for posters.

Rob Corney, managing director at Bulldog said: ‘Gogo’s is one of the hottest brands on the market and we are incredibly excited to be representing it. In all my time in licensing, across several top-selling brands, I have never experienced demand like this for any property.’

The innovative collectable figures produced by Magic Box International and Promociones Premier International are becoming so popular that demand is almost exceeding supply.

July’s issue of the Cool Report listed Gogo’s as number 1 in popularity amongst girls aged five to eight and in the top ten for other target age groups for both sexes.


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