BLE 2011: HarperCollins extends Hello Kitty deal

Agreement now includes digital rights for the brand.
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HarperCollins has renewed its deal for Hello Kitty Publishing, with the agreement now including digital rights.

The deal will see the continuation of the successful younger range which includes sticker, activity and doodle and tween fashion and friendship guides.

For the first time, publishing will also extend into Hello Kitty learning titles with a range of Collins dictionaries.

"I am thrilled that we are continuing to work with Fluid World and Sanrio on Hello Kitty," said Richard Haines, brand manager at HarperCollins. "We have had tremendous success across our publishing ranges for both younger and older Hello Kitty fans and are very pleased to be able to build on this success with some very exciting plans for new formats and digital products."

Libby Grant, brand director at Sanrio's agent, Fluid World, added: "HarperCollins have successfully taken the Hello Kitty brand into a range of age segments within publishing. We look forward to continuing to build and develop the UK publishing business including some really innovative formats."


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