Bratz heads to Eastern Europe

Kidz Entertainment/EEMC to represent MGA brand in Eastern Europe.
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Kidz Entertainment/EEMC has extended its partnership with MGA's Bratz brand - from July 1st it will represent the property in Eastern Europe, where it now boasts five offices.

Kidz Entertainment/EEMC was the first agent to sign up with Bratz when it first launched in mid 2001.

The firm's Morten Geschwendtner commented: "This is my 'baby' as I have been involved with Isaac Larian since he presented the first four dolls at the Hong Kong Toy Fair back in January 2001, so I'm very excited about this extension of our agreement.

"Bratz is already huge in Russia, so we are confident that it will be as big in Eastern Europe as it is in the Nordic territories."

The firm's Anna Lisa McBride added: "This is an important piece of the jigsaw for us. It's another step towards our long-term plan of managing top brands in Nordic and Eastern European territories and to serve the countries as one major region."

"Kidz Entertainment/EEMC has had a strong passion for Bratz from the very start and we are thrilled about their expanded role in representing the brand in Eastern Europe," said MGA president Isaac Larian.


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