Bulldog gets Goochicoo

Art and design brand with 'nappitude' picked up by ambitious agency.
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Design-led baby/toddler property Goochicoo will now be represented by Bulldog Licensing.

The brainchild of Ged Backland, who developed the brand after the birth of his twins, the range of characters are designed to put the fun back into baby products.

Featuring slogans such as 'Give Peas a Chance' and 'Been Inside for Nine Months', Goochicoo's range of characters now appear on a host of products. Tommee Tippee carries the brand on bibs and cutlery, while Izziwotnot produces a range of branded bedding.

In addition, UK Greetings is set to lead distribution of greeting cards into Clintons and across the rest of the market.

And while the company is expanding in Europe, Backland - who is also involved with key brands such as Scarlett and Crimson (which he co-owns with Coolabi) and new hit Sugalumps - sees the US as the next big step.

"We are busy developing a whole set of characters that we know the US market will love," he said. "With fun characters like 'Future President', 'Born in the USA' and 'God's Gift', Goochicoo is going to take America by storm."

Meanwhile, Bulldog is delighted to add the brand to its portfolio. "As soon as I saw Goochicoo I knew we had something special on our hands," said MD Rob Corney. "Our mission at Bulldog is to present amazing British design talent to the world and Ged is the best of British.

"The brand has been a phenomenal hit already in the UK - we intend to build on that success, both in this country and across the world. When Goochicoo really gets going there will be no stopping it."

Bulldog's plans for the brand include a move into baby food, homeware, apparel, car accessories and personal care.


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