Cutter & Squidge to launch Europe's first Hello Kitty pop-up cafe

The Soho-based bakery will host a special Hello Kitty paradise cafe for three months, with treats and limited edition merchandise on offer.
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Sanrio is teaming up with bakery experts Cutter & Squidge to launch the first ever Hello Kitty pop-up café in Europe.

The launch follows the success of a number of Hello Kitty themed cafes to have sprung up across the US where the character brings in around $7bn a year.

Cutter & Squidge will now transform the basement of its Soho-based café into a secret garden themed Hello Kitty paradise, where fans will be able to enjoy a Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea as well as a number of photo opportunites.

“We are beyond excited to be the first European Café to host this beloved character,” said Cutter and Squidge co-owner Annabel Lui.

“The US venues have seen up to 2,000 people waiting in line for five hours to experience her world and we are looking forward to witnessing similar scenes here in our Secret Garden. Our only worry is that the range will be too cute to eat.”

Cutter & Squidge will also offer a full range of goodies combining the bakery’s unique style with the Hello Kitty brand, including Mama’s Home Made Apple Pie Biskie inspired by Hello Kitty’s favourite treat and Kitty’s Mud Pie Chocolate Dream Cake.

In addition, a range of limited edition merchandise, from recipe books to tote bags, will be available in-store for the duration of the three month pop-up.


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