Gladiators get second series

Licensing programme given a boost as Sky1 confirms hit show will return.
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The second series of Sky1's Gladiators will be bigger, and badder, according to the channel's commissioning editor, confirming the return of popular character Wolf, plus a revamped eliminator with a surprise new element and the recruitment of new Gladiators.

After appearing in Gladiators: The Legends Return at the end of August, Wolf has apparently rediscovered his hunger for 'gladiatorial contact'. He will take on an Alex Ferguson type role as team manager and act as mentor to the Gladiators.

Meanwhile, the search is on for new contenders. Last series, 20,000 people applied, 1,200 were selected for trials, 32 entered the arena and two emerged victorious.

To apply, click here. The closing date for applications is midday on Monday September 15th.

The best applicants will then be invited to attend contender trials in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and Glasgow, where they will be put through a series of rigorous and painful tests specially designed by referee John Anderson.

There are also a number of special editions of the show planned, including a team of former Olympians taking on the Gladiators, plus a celebrity special, a Legends special, an Armed Forces special and a head-to-head between the Gladiators Champions 2008 and 2009.

Sky1 will also be announcing a new female co-host shortly.


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