Light Fund 'trade up' challenge is under way

Single light bulb exchanged for a new toaster, thanks to TLC's Sasha Mond.
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Roy Lowe & Sons 'trade up' challenge in aid of The Light Fund has officially kicked off.

Brand licensing manager at TLC, Sasha Mond got the initiative off to a strong start, exchanging a new toaster for the single light bulb which the sock licensee began with.

"So we're off and running. Sasha has a spare light bulb for her new flat and Dean is now in possession of a shiny new toaster. Big thanks to Sasha for starting things off.

"Needless to say, we now need to enlist the generous support of anyone and everyone to join in the fun. The more people who get involved, the more chance we will have of coming across some exciting trades that will ultimately raise lots of money for The Light Fund. Now, what can we trade for a toaster....?"

To get involved, contact Richard Radford on 07970 548363, or email him by clicking here. You can also tweet @50stoneandabulb.


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