Lisle launches ZhuZhu Pets friendship campaign

Thinking of Zhu created for school summer holidays and will include range of six e-cards.
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Lisle International Licensing is looking to "champion friendship" with its summer campaign featuring ZhuZhu Pets.

Thinking of Zhu will run throughout August and has been created so that friends can stay in touch with each other through the school summer holidays.

Children can download six e-cards to send to their friends and family free of charge. Messages include 'I Love Zhu', 'Thinking of Zhu' and 'Missing Zhu'.

The multi-platform campaign will be advertised through the key girls' press, as well as on social media site Swapits, where a microsite will be created for messages to be downloaded and sent safely.

The campaign will also feature on over 200,000 collector's posters distributed in girls' magazines during August. Mums of younger children will also be encouraged to get involved.

"The Thinking of Zhu campaign is a free for all activity that epitomises the feel good nature of the brand," explained Francesca Lisle from Lisle International Licensing. "We are delighted that we can champion friendship in this innovative way and we believe thousands of children will take part and enjoy the activity."


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