Music-inspired style guide unveiled for Betty Boop

12 designs included in new iBoop: Betty's Playlist.
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King Features Syndicate has created a new style guide for Betty Boop, based on some of the hottest musical genres of the past 60 years.

The iBoop: Betty's Playlist style guide will feature 12 designs, adapting classic Betty Boop artwork into apparel designs from nearly every musical era.

For example, designs cover the birth of rock and roll in the juke box 1950s, through the early 1960s girl groups, the hard rock of the 1970s and into new wave, grunge, jazz, heavy metal and country.

"Betty Boop is music to the fashion world - a designer's dream," said Frank Caruso, VP of creative at King Features Syndicate. "The style guide represents a cartoon thread that weaves together every genre of music based on Betty's ability to indulge and appreciate music and fashion as a single art form.

"Betty Boop has embraced art and musuc as the highest form of self, cultural and artistic expression."


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