Thunderbirds are Drenched

Brains stars in new TV campaign for Britvic water.
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Thunderbird character Brains has taken the starring role in a new TV campaign for Britvic's Drench water.

Drench's message is focused on the benefits to mental performance of staying hydrated.

The TV ad will show Brains giving the performance of a lifetime while keeping himself topped up with Drench. Proving that 'Brains perform best when hydrated', he dances to the 1990s dance classic Rhythm is a Dancer with a unique combination of moves from crumping to knee slides.

The ad will appear as a 90, 60 and a number of ten-second executions.

A digital campaign will also allow people to test their own mental performance by making Brains dance, using either a webcam or their keyboard. The test rates people according to alertness, memory and concentration. The top performers will be rewarded with a free MP3 download of Rhythm is a Dancer.


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