Zodiak Kids signs new deals for Little Princess

Aurora, Neon Play and Panini sign up for the popular pre-school property.
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Firstly, Aurora World UK has joined the programme to develop a Little Princess plush range, due to launch in early 2012.

Neon Play are also on board to launch the first Little Princess app for iPad, iPhone and Android platforms. The app will include six games based on the series.

Zodiak Kids has also renewed its compilation magazine publishing deal with Kennedy Publishing, which will continue to feature Little Princess pages within their Pink, Cute, Busy Time & Get Busy magazines.

Nigel Layton-Hill, Aurora World UK said: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with the Zodiak Team on this classic publishing and TV brand. Little Princess with her big attitude is a refreshing change from the current pink princesses in the market.

"We love her spirit of adventure, curiosity and warm sense of humour which will translate beautifully into a great range of Aurora products."

Internationally, Zodiak Kids has renewed Panini’s deal to produce Little Princess calendars in Germany and include dedicated Little Princess pages within its compilation magazines published in France and Germany.

Zodiak Kids has also appointed two new agents. Empire will represent the brand in Asia across all categories excluding publishing and DVD, while Merchantwise has been named licensing partner in Australia and New Zealand.

Jessica Symons, commissioning editor, Children’s Channel 5, commented: "Little Princess is a firm favourite with the milkshake! audience and the series consistently rates as one of the strand’s top shows.

"Little Princess promises to be a milkshake! staple for a long time to come, ensuring that children can continue to enjoy her escapades and her hilarious take on the world."


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