LIMA study shows global retail sales of licensed goods hit $241.5 billion in 2014

The first ever global licensing study by trade body LIMA has found that retail sales for licensed goods notched up an estimated $13.4 billion in royalty revenues and $241.5 billion in retail sales in 2014.

The US/Canada was by far the most dominant region, with more than $144 billion in retail sales, nearly 60 per cent of the worldwide total.

Europe, with more than $57 billion in retail sales, accounted for just under one fourth of the total global market, while Asia accounted for nearly ten per cent of total retail sales.

By category, it seems the industry continues to be dominated by five major sectors: Character and Entertainment, Corporate Trademarks, Sports, Fashion and Collegiate.

Together, they represented 89 per cent of all licensing revenues in 2014.

Character and Entertainment was by far the most dominant category, with more than $107 billion and 44 per cent in retail sales. This was more than double the next highest category, Corporate Trademarks, which accounted for $53 billion and 22 per cent.

Fashion stood at $29 billion and 12 per cent of the total, Sports was $26 billion and 11 per cent, Publishing ($12 billion), Collegiate ($4.6 billion), Celebrity ($3.3 billion) and Music ($2.3 billion).

"Licensing is a major marketing and retail force around the globe and our first ever global survey clearly attests to its power and reach all over the world," said Charles Riotto, LIMA president. "With this comprehensive report, we are able to provide LIMA members with the data they need to more effectively grow their brands and their businesses."

The full LIMA Annual Global Licensing Study – including regional and country by country breakdowns for major markets – will be available later this summer. It is free of charge to LIMA members and priced at $750 for non members.

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