Over 75 per cent of all respondents also believe their international business will grow in 2014

LIMA UK survey reveals two out of three licensing firms reporting growth in 2013

A LIMA UK email survey of British licensing firms carried out at beginning of Q4 2013 has found that respondents are reporting a good trading year to date, with more than two thirds experiencing growth over the last year. 

43.4 per cent said they expect that at year’s end their companies’ licensing business in 2013 will have shown at least 7 per cent growth against their 2012 results. 

In addition, over 75 per cent of all respondents believe their international business will grow in 2014. Europe in is the area in which most companies forecast growth, but Asia, the USA, China and Japan all also featured strongly. 

In comments taken during the survey, many revealed worries surrounding commitment from retailers with one stating a major concern in ‘the lack of retailers willing to try new emerging properties and focusing only on big studio properties.’ 

Comments also suggested respondents want to see more new licensee companies enter the field, with one stressing the importance of stepping away from a focus on kids licensing, stating: “It would be wonderful if our industry could use properties other than children’s entertainment as examples. 

"They are not the best advert for our industry, which is seen as putting pressure on parents to buy expensive products of dubious quality. There is now so much imaginative, high quality product produced for adults. Brands like V&A, Orla Kiely, Emma Bridgewater, The Great British Bake Off are all doing interesting work.” 

LIMA UK MD Kelvyn Gardner said “This is a tremendously encouraging survey." 

"Not only are licensing businesses forecasting growth next year, but are already reporting strong increases in 2013, up to 7 per cent growth in many cases over 2012.

"It’s also great news that the majority of this growth is coming from exports. We have carefully noted our respondents cry for ‘new blood’ in the industry, and for more focus on licensing for everyone, not just kids, and we will redouble our efforts to carry the licensing message to UK companies of all kinds.”

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