Lisle Licensing takes Smooshy Mushy toy brand into clothing, gifting and more

The collectable, squishie toy brand Smooshy Mushy is stepping into new licensed categories thanks to a tranche of new partnerships secured by Lisle Licensing.

The brand is making its move on the apparel, greetings, stationery and arts and crafts sectors thanks to a slate of new European deals with the likes of Aykroyds & Sons and TDP, IG Designs, Bluesky Designs and Bandai.

Nightwear, underwear and swimwear, greetings, gift wrap and paper arts and crafts, bags and lunch wear all feature among the new Smooshy Mushy branded products now in development.

Meanwhile, Bioworld International will be running a range of daywear in the UK, France and Belgium, while Roy Lowe & Sons will launch a range of socks.

Shelly Owen, founder and owner of Olo Industries, the team behind the Smooshy Mushy brand, said: “We have a very strong online community with our huge #Smooshy Squad. The brand has really evolved into a fully dimensional kids’ global brand and we are super excited to see the SMooshy Mushy story unfold across all of these categories.”

Olo Industries and Redwood Ventures will be supporting the brand expansion of Smooshy Mushy with short form animation in conjunction with WildBrain.

Francesca Lisle of Lisle Licensing, added: “We are delighted with how the L&M programme has started for Smooshy Mushy. The Squishy craze has taken the toy market by storm and Smooshy Mushy truly develops that play pattern with its strong themes continuing to develop the brand throughout the year and allowing children to dive further into the brand.

“Both of these elements ensure that Smooshy Mushy can develop into extended product categories, providing innovation and adding the squishy craze outside of toys.”

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