New 'nature-friendly' property for pre-schoolers will be presented at MIPTV.

Little Airplane teams up with SeaWorld Kids for Billy Green Builds

Small Potatoes producer Little Airplane Productions has teamed up with SeaWorld Kids to launch a new ‘nature-friendly’ property for pre-schoolers called Billy Green Builds.

The 52 x 11’ animated series is currently in development and will be presented to broadcasters at MIPTV.

Inspired by SeaWorld’s commitment to conservation, exploration and saving wildlife, Billy Green Builds follows the adventures of Billy Green and his animal sidekick Moxy as the duo travel the world helping animals in trouble.

Using all natural materials, and harnessing clean energy, Billy uses these skills to help animals in distress with situations ranging from an African elephant calf in need of help from a mudslide to an octopus in need of cleaning up his underwater garden.

“SeaWorld Kids is doing wonderful work in the area of educating and entertaining young kids about the natural world," said Josh Selig, founder and president of Little Airplane Productions.

"We’re thrilled to be collaborating with them on this bold new animated preschool series."

 Scott Helmstedter, chief creative officer of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment added: “Blending the expertise and passion of both of our companies, this innovative new property will engage kids in a natural, fun way that inspires respect, curiosity and affection for wildlife.

"Creativity, problem-solving, inspiration and education come together in a way that is fresh, genuine and relative to kids.”

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