BLE 08: Elvis heading to Olympia

Licensing Management International signs up to represent the Elvisly Yours trademarks and photographs.
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Elvisly Yours has signed up with Andrew Maconie's Licensing Management International for the firm to represent the Elvisly Yours trademarks and Elvis photographs worldwide (except North America).

Elvisly Yours is now in its 31st year marketing Elvis Presley products in over 50 countries with Registered Trademarks in 20 classes of goods and services.

Elvisly Yours changed UK Trademark Law in 1997 and 1999 when it successfully challenged and won the rights to Elvis Presley in the High Court and Court of Appeals. This landmark case changed British Trademark law preventing celebrities from obtaining trademarks for their names.

Licensees for Elvisly Yours include Zap (duvets, pillowcases, sheets, curtains, etc), Zeon (clocks and watches), Pop Art Products (t-shirts, boxed mugs, bags and key rings), Slow Dazzle (calendars), Metal Machine Merchandise (magnets and metal coaster sets), Ethos International (kitchenware, dinnerware, storage ware and teapots) and Bank of Scotland (marketing the Elvisly Yours Mastercard since 1998).

A number of other licence agreements are currently in negotiation.

At the show, LMI will have a giant image of Elvis for photo calls with 'Geordie Elvis' (Ian Coulson), who will be dressed in the Elvis Dragon Jumpsuit on October 1st and the Elvis Aloha suit on October 2nd. Find out more at stand 235.


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