BLE 2013: Dreamworks reveals plans for future franchises and Classic properties

Studio reveals spin off Netflix TV shows for new movies Turbo and B.O.O.
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Dreamworks has taken the opportunity at this year's BLE to show off an upcoming roster of continued film franchises, TV spin-offs and original movies.

With the key message of 'Dream Bigger Dreams', Dreamworks showcased new movie Turbo, which lands in cinemas in the UK this Friday. The firm is backing up this new release with a Netflix TV show spin-off entitled Turbo F.A.S.T.

Another new movie from the studio is Mr Peabody and Sherman, a film scheduled to arrive next year which will also be backed up by a TV show currently in development.

When it comes to sequels, Dreamworks has How to Train Your Dragon 2 landing in 2014, How to Train Your Dragon 3 coming in 2016 and Kung Fu Panda 3 in 2015; with plans in place to help the latter make the transition into TV and live events.

Dreamworks also has big plans for Postman Pat, a property acquired in the Classic Media buyout. There are 145 new episodes in the pipeline alongside Postman Pat: The Movie, arriving in cinemas May 2014. And sticking with Classic property, Dreamworks also revealed a new CGI Noddy TV series will air in 2015.

Elsewhere, The Penguins of Madagascar will make the jump from TV to film in a movie scheduled for spring 2015 and a new Dreamworks movie called B.O.O. (standing for Bureau of Otherworldly Operations) will arrive in 2015 complete with an accompanying Netflix TV series made up of 78 episodes.


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