LIMA's first Global Licensing Industry Survey available for download

The survey is free for LIMA members.
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LIMA’s first annual Global Licensing Industry Survey is now available for digital download.

Commissioned by LIMA and conducted by Brandar Consulting, the survey provides detailed breakdowns, quantifying worldwide royalty revenue and corresponding retail sales by product category, property type and geographical region.

It also identifies the latest trends and offers forward-looking analysis of the $241.5 billion global licensing business.

“LIMA’s first-ever global survey clearly shows that the licensing industry is alive and well, as licensing continues to be a major marketing and retail force around the world,” said LIMA president Charles Riotto.

“We’re pleased to provide LIMA members with our most broad-based and comprehensive report to date, which they can use as an excellent and relevant tool to develop effective marketing plans to help them establish and build their brands in ways that are most advantageous to their business and bottom line.”

For more information or to order a report, click here.


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Global licensing industry up 4.4% ahead of BLE 2017

Accounting for 20 per cent of the total value, Europe weighs in with a value of £38.8bn, lead by the UK, Germany, France and Italy. The figure comes in at under half the value of the US and Canadian markets which account for 58 per cent of the global total at £112.6bn.

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