Roy Lowe's fine time in NY

Apparel firm boosts Light Fund appeal at last week's Licensing International.
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The suits will be familiar to anyone who has ever been to a Brand Licensing Europe, but Roy Lowe & Sons really pulled out the stops for last week's Licensing International with their dress sense - and raised a fair sum for the Light Fund in the process.

The four - Tim Lowe (r youth), Dean Greasley (The Proclaimers), Richard Radford (the Silver Satsuma) and Martin Lowe (the bald one) - gathered $1,103, 10 pesos and a £10 note for the industry charity.

This was done by fining people for use of Americanism words or corporate jargon. As well as charging for photos and good old fashioned arm twisting, according to Lowe.

Biggest offender for using corporate lingo was apparently Warwick Brenner from TLC, who only paid ten per cent of his fine, while most obscure was Johnny Vasta from Nickelodeon, who was fined everyday for being an Aussie.

The suits, apparently, will be back at Brand Licensing Europe in October.


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