Mad Beauty to break US market and secures new Warner Bros partnership

The London-based Mad Beauty is taking on the US market, thanks to a new partnership with Diverse Marketing and Total Business Fulfilment, through which the licensed health and beauty products specialist will be provided with all it needs to break the American market.

This will include the provision of back office services, warehousing, and distribution support, providing the company with the infrastructure needed for country-wide distribution of its product line.

Established for over 20 years, Mad Beauty has seen major recent growth here in the UK and across Europe. The team also recently had its Disney license extended to the US market, as well as Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.

Wes Hardin, president of Diverse Marketing, said: “Diverse Marketing Nation could not be more excited to partner with such a dynamic organisation. Mad Beauty has entered the US market by storm, and we foresee a long and successful partnership.”

Further boosting its licensing business, Mad Beauty has recently signed with Warner Bros to bring some of the studio’s best-loved properties, including the Friends license, to the health and beauty range.

Mad Beauty CEO, Trevor Cash, said: “It is a great honour to be able to bring our products to the US marketplace, especially as this includes some of America’s most iconic brand names.

“We hope US customers will enjoy our unique mix of fun and creative packaging in combination with the high-quality ingredients all at a great price.”

The collection will make its US debut at Atalanta Gifts, as well as at Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and Seattle gift fairs.

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