Firm has a 'renewed focus on Barbie story-telling'.

Mattel details new publishing plans at Bologna Book Fair

Mattel has detailed new plans for its publishing division at this year’s Bologna Book Fair.

This year will see the development of a new vertical digital publishing team supporting brands including Thomas & Friends, Monster High and Barbie.

Alongside plans for global, narrative driven digital product, Mattel is also placing a renewed focus on Barbie story-telling.

In 2016, Barbie stories and brand narratives will be further extended globally through entertainment tie-in programmse, original illustrated storybooks and a new chapter book series called Malibu Mysteries. Also in spring 2016, Barbie will star in a new DVD.

Julie Pistor, VP Entertainment explained “Barbie has had hundreds of careers and stories. Those created and imagined by teams at Mattel, and those imagined by the millions of girls around the world that play with her each day.

"We’re really tapping into the how girls play with Barbie and taking those stories to a broader audience. Our girls tell us that Barbie can be a super-hero, they say she is a smart, loving sister. They see her as tech loving adventurous girl, a real modern character.

"I have the best job in the world taking those fantastic ideas, and transforming them into fun, family friendly content.”

Venetia Davie, VP Global Publishing, added: “Barbie has, and always will be, an avatar for society. We listened to the voices of today’s girls and heard that our girls truly believe they can be anything.

"Our entertainment and publishing stories takes that message and amplify it. Why shouldn’t girls be super-heroes or film directors? Why can’t girls be fashion-forward and smart?

"It’s fantastic to hear that the future leaders of tomorrow believe there are no boundaries. I’m delighted that our Barbie stories can celebrate this.”

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