Mattel presents ‘eight-figure’ deal to YouTube Kids

Global toymaker Mattel is taking strides with its turnaround plans, having presented YouTube Kids with an ‘eight-figure’ upfront deal.

The deal comes as Mattel continues to increase its spend in the digital world, recognising the influence YouTube Kids has among young consumers today.

Mattel’s commitment to online advertising has increased over the past year.

“This is a first of its kind and a first ever such deal for Mattel,” said Catherine Balsam-Schwaber, Mattel’s chief content officer.

“We are really excited. This is a reflection of a shift we are seeing in digital media. With anything that is new, you wait to see if there is momentum. That has become clear. But you see this generation after generation as media habits change.”

The new investment also arrives as a boon to YouTube’s child-friendly platform, crediting it with the backing of one of the world’s biggest toy makers. 

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