Maya Studio and BRB Internacional reveal new series HighSkull

BRB Internacional and Maya Studio has reached an agreement to launch a new animated series, HighSkull.

The new series will be based on popular characters from the brand Calaveritas, created by Javi Molner, with production of the series being undertaken by Screen 21.

Furthermore, the first Calaveritas collection based on characters from the sci-fi adventure series Star Trek will launch following the co-branding agreement reached between Maya Studio and American channel CBS.

Carlos Biern, CEO of BRB Internacional, said: "We’re very excited about launching a television series based on Calaveritas, a fresh brand that is modern and representative of the very finest, groundbreaking, Spanish design that is already successful in many countries and that has a special touch of humour which is greatly appreciated by the audience that most consumes internet video content: teenagers."

Javi Molner, CEO of Maya Studios, added: "For me it’s an honour that a company as BRB would be interested in our project.

"We’ve known each other for many years now and we know the quality that permeates all of the BRB and Screen 21 teams.

"We 100 per cent trust in them to give HighSkull that special push for it to go really far. You could say we’re like little kids with a new pair of shoes."

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