Maya the Bee: Movie enjoys strong debuts in South Korea, Germany and Poland

Studio 100 International has enjoyed strong the initial figures for cinema attendance for its Maya the Bee: Movie.

The film debuted in September in South Korea where it topped the animated film charts and has been seen by more than 264,000 viewers to date.

Later in September, the movie premiered in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and has also been watched across Europe and Asia.

Germany has posted impressive figures for the bee’s big screen debut with over 656,000 viewers in the first six weeks of showing, reaching fourth at the box office within this time.

The film has also made an impressive start in Poland, with more than 277,000 viewers in three weekends.

"The strong viewing figures for Maya the Bee: Movie demonstrates consumers desire to learn more about Maya’s world of fun and adventure and the licensing team are delighted at how well fans have engaged with Maya the Bee on the big screen," said Studio 100 International’s Marie-Laure Marchand.

"We have released a number of new merchandised products to support the movie and anticipate more products will soon be available."

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