Goodhew lends a hand with swim training

Two members of the Light Fund Malta swim team get some expert tuition from former Olympic swimmer.
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There's less than a week to go before the intrepid Light Fund swimmers start their Maltese Island challenge - and two of the team members have been picking up some tips from former Olympic swimmer Duncan Goodhew.

4Kids' Stephen Gould and fellow swimmer John Coningham-Rolls met with Goodhew last week for what they thought was just going to be a photo shoot, after he offered his support to the group.

Gould said: "It came as a bit of a surprise when he asked us both to do a few lengths while he analysed our stroke technique. Bear in mind that I swam for Ulster and John swims for a living and has also swum the English Channel - we are also both ASA swimming teachers and club coaches - in other words, we are more used to dishing out the instructions in the pool than taking them.

"Within a few minutes Duncan had found correctable faults in both our strokes. It was amazing, he was incredibly patient and genuinely interested.

"He got us both to work on body roll in the water to decrease drag, as well as stretching the pull for maximum leverage and finishing with a flick of the wrist at the end of the pull cycle. He also worked on head positioning to maximise the breath intake per stroke.

"All in all, after only ten minutes, both John and I had a better and more efficient stroke technique and we were both definitely halted in our tracks by the maestro.

"To cap it all, Duncan also expressed an interest in doing what we are about to do next year and especially so if other celebrities took part. Something that may indeed be possible as an independent television production company has already approached me on this subject."

Keep check back to throughout next week for live updates on the team's progress.


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