Licensing Phrase Book now available on Kindle

Kelvyn Gardner's guide to the industry becomes an e-book to raise money for The Light Fund.
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The popular Licensing Phrase Book has been made available on Kindle to help raise money for industry charity, The Light Fund.

The guide, first published in 1999, has only ever existed previously as a micro-size digital print. However, the irreverent look at some of the industry's well-known common expressions is now available to download on for £3.24.

All proceeds will go to The Light Fund.

"The essential dictionary for all licensing discussions, the Phrase Book is also an invaluable fund-raiser for The Light Fund," said Trevor Jones, chair of The Light Fund. "If I had to describe its unique contribution, then I'd go as far as to say that it's the tentpole around which my off-line push-backs cascade 360 degrees leveraging brand equity on and off the radar. You know what I mean..."

Author of the book, LIMA UK MD Kelvyn Gardner, added: "The book is meant to be a lighthearted guide and it has proved to be very popular amongst those who enjoy the mild fun it pokes at the industry.

"The Light Fund was set up a few years ago now as a means for professionals in the industry to give money to worthwhile causes and everyone involved gives their time for free. We would be delighted if people want to show their support by purchasing a copy of the book."


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