Slush Puppie brand set for toys, says Pink Key's MD Richard Pink

With plans to expand into more categories in the future, we could soon be seeing Slush Puppie branded toys and food. Here, Richard Pink, MD of Pink Key, reveals why the iconic pup is still so popular with adults and children alike and why the next 12 months are critical to the brand.
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What has this year been like so far for the Slush Puppie brand? 

It’s been a tremendously exciting year so far. We’ve only just introduced Slush Puppie into the market and already we’ve had a number of really good enquires, with two excellent licensees signed very quickly. 

What plans do you have for Slush Puppie in the licensing space? 

We want to build on the first couple of partnerships and expand into a number of other key categories – particularly toys and food – we expect Slush Puppie to have a very good market presence in 12 months time.

What makes Slush Puppie a 'classic' brand? 

Everyone knows Slush Puppie and what our canine friend looks like, everyone associates him with happy times and feeling great; but the main thing I think, is that the appeal is universal ­– adults love him because they remember having Slush Puppies when they were kids, and today’s kids love him too for all the same reasons. He’s always been associated with good times and he’s as relevant today as he has always been.

Which licensing partners are already on board for Slush Puppie? 

We’ve got Poetic Gem on board for apparel, beach wear and accessories and we are on the verge of signing up with a partner who is going to be making some toys, gifts and gadgets that are all about what Slush Puppie stands for, and quite honestly could only work for this brand. It's a European deal and might even see us taking products further afield than that.

Will you be entering any new licensing areas in the future? 

Definitely. We’ve only just started – we think our pup lends itself to a multitude of categories and we’d love to talk to anyone who thinks the same.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Yes – woof.


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