MGA Entertainment and Sakar detail Bratz branded electronics

Sakar International has detailed its global licensing agreement to develop a new collection of Bratz branded electronics.

In partnership with MGA Entertainment, the agreement is part of an upcoming makeover for the Bratz fashion doll franchise, with new toys, content and consumer products.

Sakar is in the process of developing a collection of branded earbuds, headphones and Bluetooth speakers as well as a collection of action cameras, smartphone cases, flash drives and more.

The firm has also revealed its plans to release a portable sing-a-long karaoke device, modeled to resemble the Bratz doll lips.

The range will be aimed at girls aged from six to 13 and will be priced between $14.99 and $49.99. It will be sold internationally.

“Our new Bratz rollout is going to be a large-scale campaign that will not only update the Bratz doll family, but also seed the market with a full spectrum of licensed products and drive exposure through both traditional and online channels,” said Juli Boylan, global head of licensing at MGA Entertainment.

“Sakar’s extensive experience with tween brands and creative design makes it a strong choice for the electronics component of the campaign.”

Sakar’s Bratz branded products are expected to hit store shelves next spring.

“Young girls have embraced Bratz dolls for years, and this makeover promises to rekindle interest in the brand with its focus on fashion, self-expression, individual style and the interests of today’s tweens,” added Liz Abrams, Sakar VP of licensing.

“It has all the elements for a successful reboot that will also drive demand for licensed products in multiple categories.”

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