Mind Candy launches Moshi Karts

Mind Candy is continuing its expansion into the mobile gaming market following the global release of Moshi Karts.

Based on the popular kids’ property Moshi Monsters, Moshi Karts is now available to download on the App Store for iPhone.

Moshi Karts sees players hurtle through the world of Moshi as popular character Katsuma as they strive to thwart Dr Strangleglove and his band of Glumps who are attempting to steal all the Moshi Karts.

The game features 40 tracks and a variety of karts to unlock as well as obstacles and boosts to collect.

The latest offering from Mind Candy follows the launch of Moshi Monsters Village, which reached number two in the iTunes app charts over Christmas and the release of Talking Poppet, allowing fans to interact with the character.

The company has confirmed that it will continue to develop its mobile strategy with a number of new mobile games set for launch in the near future.

Chief business development officer of Mind Candy, Darran Garnham, said: “Katsuma is one of Moshi Monsters biggest characters.

"Launching these mobile games will support our core audience and attract new Moshi fans with something fresh and exciting. And there is more to come.”

Toy partner, Vivid will also be releasing a range of collectables based on Moshi Karts, led by the Moshi Karts Track Playset (£29.99) that looks like a Katsuma Kart but opens up to reveal a racing track inside.

Collectable bling bags will also be available, retailing at £1.99, containing a secret figure and vehicle from the Moshi Karts range. Blister packs meanwhile will contain two figures, a kart launcher and two vehicles and will retail at £4.99.

Finally, Trickstart (£9.99) will allow Moshi fans to perform stunts with their vehicles including 360 degree spins and wheelies.

Check out the Moshi Karts trailer below:

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