Mind Candy unveils Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt for mobile

Mind Candy’s Moshi Monsters franchise has made the move to mobile with the launch of Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt.

The new iOS and Android mobile game is targeted at children aged four and upwards and heralds a new era of interactivity for the property.

With a focus on personalisation and education, the new mobile game soared to the number one spot in the App Store’s six to eight kids’ chart upon its release.

The new game is paired with a collection of collectable trading cards, each featuring secret codes to unlock additional in-game characters, accessories and more. The range consists of over 350 cards, each pack containing eight cards, including Moshlings, items and rare shiny cards.

The new game allows youngsters to adopt their own Moshling, hatching, naming and customising it from scratch. Once their pet has settled, players can find and hatch new Moshlings every day to build their collections and keep their pet company.

Via each personalised character’s own shareable code, they can also collect their friends’ unique Moshlings.

With licensing plans already in place, Mind Candy has released a companion Moshi Monster Egg Hunt Book starring a unique Moshling named after the reader. The book is filled with hidden codes to unlock characters in the mobile game and comes with a personalised poster and trading cards starring the reader’s unique Moshling.

Mind Candy’s flagship product grew to over 100 million adopted monsters online and achieved great success in the licensing space, expanding in to best-selling books, magazines, toys, trading cards, music albums and a movie.

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