Minecraft: Official Magazine launches in the UK

Egmont Publishing has announced the launch of the new Minecraft: Official Magazine, hitting store shelves in the UK from August 2nd.

Egmont has previously been responsible for the official Minecraft books, which topped charts selling upwards of 9 million copies in the UK market alone.

The Minecraft: Official Magazine is the only Minecraft magazine that is developed in partnership with Mojang for their 55 million-strong active user base. The launch issue showcases that Mojang partnership with 60 pages full of original content geared towards fans of the game.

“Outstanding publishing for children means curating and packaging quality content in a desirable print format that they can collect and share with friends," commented Cally Poplak, MD Egmont Publishing. "We are proud to have done this with our best-selling Minecraft books and we cannot wait to share with the Minecraft community the only magazine that Mojang endorses.” 

The debut issue will go behind the scenes at Mojang’s Stockholm HQ, in addition to 14 pages of hints and tips, with each build broken down into detailed steps that show readers how to improve their game and hone their building skills. 

“[I was] delighted to see this magazine come to market: it is the result of many months of hard work and all things Minecraft as we worked on making the best possible magazine for our community,” added Lydia Winters, brand director at Mojang.

The appeal of Minecraft is showing no signs of slowing with the new Better Together programme, a ground breaking development from Microsoft that allows players to be unified across all platforms. 

The Minecraft: Official Magazine is priced at £4.99 and will have a monthly on-sale period. 

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