Mister Maker app celebrates chart success

The recently launched Mister Maker app from P2 Games soared to the top of the iTunes paid kids games chart for iPad at the weekend, hitting the number three position for both paid ‘All Categories’ and ‘All Games’.

Alastair McHarrie, VP licensing at Zodiak Kids London, said: "We were confident that the sales would start well, but to reach these dizzy heights so quickly was an added bonus. It just confirms to us how popular the brand is.

"Mister Maker is starting to come into its own – we will shortly be announcing a new raft of partners that will enable us to keep growing and strengthening the brand."

Gerry Whiteside, director at P2 Games, added: "We were delighted to add Mister Maker to our P2 app portfolio because it has grown into such a major brand in recent years.

"The initial performance on the app store has certainly exceeded all our expectations despite the premium price point.

"Parents in general seem to look for trusted brands when purchasing apps for their children, and with such a range of creative content to choose from within this app, kids should be entertained for hours on end."

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