Monopoly expands its special Gamer line with SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog partnership

The journey around Hasbro’s Monopoly board has just stepped up a gear, or three, thanks to a new partnership between the global toy maker and SEGA’s iconic blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog.

The classic board game has expanded its Monopoly Gamer line with the addition of this SEGA partnership, inspired by the classic Sonic video game franchise and featuring some of the game’s best-known locations.

In The Monopoly Gamer: Sonic The Hedgehog players will pass – and potentially purchase – iconic Sonic the Hedgehog themed properties such as Planet Wisp and Rooftop Run, while dropping and collecting Rings on board spaces, earning Chaos Emeralds and Chao tokens.

They will be able to chose from a line-up of themed tokens including popular characters such Sonic, Tails, Amy or Knuckles with which to race around the board. On top of this, Hasbro has introduced a Sonic-themed layer of competition as landing on or passing Go triggers a boss fight during which players compete for Chaos Emeralds.

And if you didn’t know, having more Emeralds means it will be easier to beat Dr. Eggman.

For a final flourish, the game even incorporates a ‘speedy die’ with only the numbers two to seven to encourage faster movement around the game board.

This is the latest in Hasbro’s Monopoly Gamer line, joining the likes of Monopoly Gamer Mario and Mario Kart Edition games, developed under license with Nintendo. Hasbro also launched a Fortnite edition of the classic board game last year.

Like its Nintendo counterparts, Monopoly Gamer: Sonic The Hedgehog features game tokens with special powers and abilities to be used during game play.

The game is available for pre-order today on for $24.99 and will be available on 9/15 at Walmart and major retailers on 10/1.

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