‘More people choosing Funko to engage with pop culture’ as Q3 sales boom

Funko has seen its net sales increase an impressive 26 per cent to $223.3 million in the third quarter of 2019, growing from the $179.6 million is hit in the same period 2018.

The growth was driven primarily by an increase in the number of active properties, as well as strong sales across the US and Europe.

Q3 2019 saw the number of active properties increase 13 per cent to 627 from 553 one year ago, while net sales per active property grew by 11 per cent. Net sales in the US increased 21 per cent to $147.3 million.

On the international stage, net sales increased 37 per cent to $76 million with strong growth in Europe.

Brian Mariotti, Funko’s CEO, said: “Funko once again delivered another quarter of strong growth and financial performance. We are driving results by executing against our strategic initiatives and investing in the long-term success of Funko.

“More and more people are choosing Funko to be the platform in which they engage with pop culture. We are focused on finding new and innovative ways to connect people to their favourite entertainment through fan experiences as well as digital and physical goods.

“There continues to be strong global demand for our products as the proliferation of content persists around the world. We are continuing to make the investments needed to capitalise on our expanding growth opportunities in both new and existing markets.”

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