Mr. Bean celebrates 25 years at Buckingham Palace

British slapstick icon, Mr. Bean caused his usual kerfuffle outside the gates of Buckingham Palace today, in celebration of 25 years of success.

Bean (portrayed by actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson) arrived at the Palace’s Mall straddling the roof of his iconic green mini as crowds of fans, tourists and media gathered to help celebrate the character’s quarter century.

The celebrations were also held to recognise the release of the Mr. Bean 25th Anniversary DVD Boxset and new animated Mr. Bean episodes airing on Boomerang.

The British comedy star has amassed a following of fans the world over, with 35 million Mr. Bean DVDs and videos sold across the globe, 63 million Facebook fans and 1.5 billion views on YouTube to date.

The crowning moment of Mr. Bean’s 25th birthday celebrations at Buckingham Palace today arrived as the iconic character, dressed in his brown suit and red tie, was handed a 25th Birthday cake by superfan, Matt Dille.

“I have been a fan of Mr. Bean since I was three years old, so getting to meet him in person today was a dream come true,” said Dille.

“It’s been an amazing day, and a true one-off to see him in person.”

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