Has already made more than the entire run of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie tops UK box office for second week in a row

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie is number one at the UK box office for the second week running.

Screen reports that Universal’s TV sitcom-turned movie has made another £2.2m for a total of £9.3m to date, a figure already greater than the entire run of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

Paramount’s Transformers: Age of Extinction is not counted in this week’s chart, although previews of the sequel have been running from July 5th to the 10th.

In previews, the film managed a non-final £4.7m, meaning it would have topped the charts ahead of Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie.

Transformers’ official opening, July 11th to 13th, will include the £4.7 made in previews, meaning Age of Extinction will almost certainly top the box office next week.

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