M&S, Primark and Sainsburys among retailers to pick up Original Stormtrooper

A swathe of retailers are embracing the Original Stormtrooper licensing programme with new designs now set to appear in M&S, Primark, Sainsburys, Asda and Tesco.

Golden Goose, the licensing agent for the Original Stormtrooper brand has indicated that there is ‘still room for more growth, too’ with Original Stormtrooper plush, poster, rainwear and more still in development with various partners.

These will join the already robust product slate that includes the likes of socks, footwear, childrenswear, underwear, sleepwear, t-shirts and print on demand, as well as chocolates, biscuits, giftwrap, greetings cards and even a stormtrooper gin.

The Original Stormtrooper IP is owned by Shepperton Design Studios.

Golden Goose’s new account manager, Mark Bezodis, said: “The success of the Shepperton Design Studios licensing programme should not be surprising, this is a globally recognisable icon that appeals to all generations and demographics.

“The level of inspiration and creative freedom available to licensees is unparalleled for an opportunity of this size.”

In anticipation of the growth of the Original Stormtrooper brand, Golden Goose has appointed a new manager of product development for the project in the form of Phillippa Green.

Green added: “Going forward we will be looking to increase the relevance and recognition of the Shepperton Design Studios brand, ensuring that new product is on-trend and exceeds consumer expectations.”

Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios, concluded: “When we first worked on the stormtrooper costumes for the first film in the sci-fi series, we never dreamed that people would be buying products featuring our iconic design nearly 40 years later.”

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