Netflix series inspires branded line of marijuana

Netflix is taking inspiration from ten of its shows to create various strains of the drug, marijuana.

As part of the promotion for is upcoming series Disjoined, a show about a woman who lives her dream of opening a marijuana dispensary, the streaming service will offer new strains of the drug.

Three strains, including Omega Strain, Eve’s Bush and Rutherford B. Haze are inspired by Disjointed, while Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later influenced the creation of Camp Firewood strain.

Arrested Development lead to the development of Banana Stand Kush and the series Orange is the New Black was the brains behind Poussey Riot, reports Variety.

Other strains include Peyotea 73, Sassafrass OG, Baka Bile, Vodkush and Moon 13.

Each of the strains will be on sale at a West Hollywood pop-up shop at Alternative Health Herbal Services this Friday to Sunday and will not be available for mail order.

Plus, those with medical conditions requiring cannabis use will be able to purchase the branded strains.

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