New partners check into The Furchester Hotel

Sesame Workshop has boosted The Furchester Hotel licensing programme with the signing of new licensees including PMS, Zak Designs and Alfred Franks & Bartlett.

Alfred Franks & Bartlett will create a line of The Furchester Hotel eyewear, PMS has signed for amusement plush, clocks, balls and pillows and Zak Designs for melamine.

“We are delighted to welcome all of The Furchester Hotel licensing partners on board and are incredibly excited to see a wide-range of Furchester products hit the shelves over the next few months," said Risa Greenbaum, vice president, international licensing, Sesame Workshop.

Elsewhere, the latest additions to Hasbro’s toy line for autumn 2015 includes a TV advertised talking Phoebe and Elmo plush and a suitcase play-set.

Publishing partner Penguin, and magazine partner Immediate Media, both launched in July and they will be joined in the market later in the year, and into 2016, by Abbey Home Media (DVD), Aykroyds & TDP Licensing (nightwear & underwear), Fashion UK (outerwear), Gund (gift plush), Jumbo (puzzles & games), Kokomo (toiletries), Posh Paws (bags) and Roy Lowe (socks).

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