Marks Lima Sky’s first co-brand with an animated series.

Nickelodeon and Lima Sky to launch Doodle Jump SpongeBob

Nickelodeon and Lima Sky have teamed to launch a new SpongeBob SquarePants themed Doodle Jump.

The mobile app game – inspired by the award winning Doodle Jump app – is a 2D jumper game, allowing players to take on the role of SpongeBob as he jumps his way through Bikini Bottom.

Available now on iOS with an Android version following shortly, Doodle Jump SpongeBob marks Lima Sky’s first co-brand with an animated series.

Players must traverse through 40 different levels featuring SpongeBob regulars Patrick, Sandy Cheeks, Mr Krabs and Squidward, and avoid infamous villains including Man Ray and Dirty Bubble.

Throughout the game, players can also purchase powerups such as shields, vehicles and health with coins earned through play.

Doodle Jump SpongeBob is available worldwide in eight languages: English, Spanish (Latam), Spanish (Spain) German, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian.

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