Four core digital tribes identified after interviews with over 1,000 kids between six and 11.

Nickelodeon identifies digital tribes with new Me, My Selfie and I research

Nickelodeon’s newest piece of research – entitled Me, My Selfie and I – has identified four core digital tribes.

Through interviews with over 1,000 children aged between six and 11, Nickelodeon sought to explore how UK kids are using digital devices and the roles that different digital devices play in their lives.

The digital tribes identified are:

Playful Newbie – with a preference for physical toys and outdoor play over technology, this group relies on their family and close friends for social stability. Enjoying technologies and content that fuels their imagination and offers them an opportunity to learn, Playful Newbies list the TV as one of their top three favourite devices.

Digital Discoverer – using technology to seek out new trends and content before their friends, this tribe integrates the real and digital worlds. Their favourite devices are tablets, smartphones and laptops. The Digital Discoverer is most keen on content and technologies that allow them to stand out.

Games Master – chooses the tablet and games console above all other devices. Considering themselves a technology expert, they often play video games online, cooperatively or comparing high scores with other players. Games give the Games Master a sense of belonging and community that is extremely important to them.

Social Sharers – extroverted and socially confident, this group prizes technology that allows content to be shared. With tablets, laptops and smartphones as their top devices and a scepticism towards overtly commercial messages, Social Sharers connect with friends to share humorous clips and pictures.

In addition, the research also found that there is a clear hierarchy of screens within UK households with kids preferring devices with larger screens. The TV remains the top device used for entertainment by UK kids, with tablets and laptops also rating favourably.

"What Me, My Selfie and I reveals is that the ways kids use and feel about devices is more complex than current advertising models may allow for," said John Conlon, VP, UK research and insight at Viacom International Media Networks. "Transcending gender or age, kids’ usage and engagement with devices is defined by their need to discover, play, communicate, create and share.

"With this insight, content producers, promotional partners and sales teams can reach audiences in a more effective and meaningful way."

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