Nickelodeon starts global search for writers in New Year

Nickelodeon is celebrating the New Year with the expansion of its outreach initiative to discover new writing talent from across the globe.

The Nickelodeon Writing Programme will launch worldwide from January 2014, inviting writers from all international markets, cultures and backgrounds to compete for the chance to learn about being a writer for Nickelodeon Network Productions.

The programme – running for six months – will offer the successful applicant a salaried position in the firm’s headquarters in London where they will gain experience writing scripts and pitching ideas for live action and animation.

The programme will be divided into three parts. The first will involve the writer spending two months networking and attending a number of training sessions, boot camps and classes.

The second phase will see the writer undertake six weeks of further development before travelling to the US studio to experience development activities, eerie production and post-production.

The final phase will ask the writer to work remotely to write one full length script for a Nickelodeon live action of animated series.

Submissions for the programmes are open from January 2nd 2014 until February 28th. Entrants must be 18 years or older.

The international winner will be announced in October 2014.

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