Nickelodeon unveils new research studies

Nickelodeon Australia, a division of Viacom International Media Networks, unveiled two new studies yesterday.

LITTLE BIG KIDS: Pre-schoolers Ready for Life, is a global study that takes a closer look at pre-schoolers (kids aged two to five) and how their families are preparing them for an ever-changing future. From a shift in parenting trends to the expanding role of technology, LITTLE BIG KIDS offers insights into how pre-schoolers are growing and learning today.

“Every few years, an entirely new group of pre-schoolers come of age, making it critical to examine and re-examine this important life stage,” said Christian Kurz, senior vice president of global consumer insights at Viacom. “With LITTLE BIG KIDS, we’re seeing how shifts in parenting are impacting pre-schoolers today, and noting trends which will continue to impact them as they grow into kids, teens, and adults.”

Wait Until Your Father Gets Home, is a local Australian study investigating the role fathers play in their children’s lives. The findings uncovered a shifting perspective in what it means to be a dad today with the traditional role as disciplinarian dissipating, traditional gender-based roles evolving and the pressures of work impacting their ability to connect and spend time with their kids.

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