Night of the Living Dead rises on Kickstarter with pop culture merchandise campaign

Image Ten, the production company behind the cult classic movie, Night of the Living Dead, has partnered with Living Dead Media on a Kickstarter campaign to fund a tranche of 50th anniversary merchandise.

Living Dead Media is an independent media company looking to resurrect the Living Dead IP through a number of projects spanning gaming apps and official merchandise to partnering on a project to fund the film’s never-produced sequel.

Its latest project sees the company land on Kickstarter ,the crowdfunding platform, with its Night of the Living Dead: Party campaign. The Party will essentially fund a number of different branded pieces of merchandise.

“Our Party Kickstarter will get you all the gear – from glassware, to ambience to Night of the Living Dead playing cards – complete with lists of party ideas, games, and the rules for throwing an amazing Night of the Living Dead party,” read a statement from the project founders.

The campaign is to produce a selection of merchandise in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the cult classic movie.

‘With Image Ten leading the way, we got the film back in theatres last month, created limited edition 50th anniversary collectables and now with the full support of Image Ten, we are creating this exclusive and official Night of the Living Dead Party Kickstarter.”

The project is looking for £19,047 in backing. With 22 days remaining on the site, it is currently sitting at just under £10,000.

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