DTR garment and print supplier looking to handle both adults and kids licences; Former TV Mania exec Dan Wilkins on board with company owner Andrew Wilebore.

NJ Screenprints debuts dedicated licensing arm

Direct to retail garment and print supplier, NJ Screenprints is making a move into the licensing sector and is now actively looking to sign up licensors and retailers.

The new licensing arm of the privately owned British firm – established back in 1983 – will be led by Dan Wilkins. NJ Screenprints employs 205 people and has a cross function team in place to support the licensing division. It also boasts a design toolkit team, royalty reporting department, product approval function, market analysis, account managers, merchandisers and a QA department.

Among other benefits, the firm will be able to offer prospective clients a full tour of its on-site production environment, giving a complete insight into the process of garment finishing and print decoration. It also has a free of charge product design sample service to help you develop your new IP, can offer end-to-end product supply fulfilment for promotional items and has an on-site stock holding facility which houses coordinated and bespoke product sourced from Europe, Africa and South Central Asia.

In addition, for retailers with existing DTR agreements, the firm can offer a variety of different trading models that provide ‘a surfing choice’ to allow them to manage production for micro trends, as well as delivering on day to day evergreen licences.

"In the new economy, small is the new big – it’s about being agile and responsive," explained Wilkins to Licensing.biz. "It’s now possible to build scale and influence by producing great product in an ethical way and building a tribe of people – both within our company and outside – who love what we do and how we do it.

"We live in a world where personal choice and customisation is the new norm and we recognise that no one size fits all," he continued. "We have important and flexible models, so being smaller we can offer more personal services and customisation to move forward in the modern trading world."

Wilkins is now keen to talk to licensors, brand owners and retailers about adult and children’s licences: "We want licensors and brand owners to know that we are ready and serious to go shopping and buy licences."

Those interested to find out more can contact Wilkins by clicking here or by calling NJ Screenprints on 01455 848575.

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